Vision Day

January 19th, 2018
9-11:30 am
Performing Arts Centre

It’s a new year, a time when we begin to focus on making changes that take us a step closer to achieving that sense of self we know is within us. The first step of change isn’t making a plan for what to do… actually it begins with listening to yourself about what is you really want to see different. It’s about beginning to create your vision of what you want. Vision Day is here to guide you in this process. The morning begins with gentle yoga*, followed by a guided meditation, and then creating a Vision Board to help you have a map in the coming year of what you want it to look like for you. Adults ages 18 and up are welcome to participate. Pre-registration is required; see below.

*it’s okay if you’ve never done yoga or have physical limitations; you can easily participate from a chair if you prefer

Wear: comfortable clothes you can move in, socks
Bring: yoga mat , small blanket
Optional: Extra magazines for cutting up, personal photos you want to include in your project
Cost: free will donation
Facilitator: Rose R. Trevino, MA LPC RPT  and Certified Fitness Instructor
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