Parent-Focused Supervised Visitation

Who is this service for?

Parents who are required by to the courts to exercise their visitation rights with their child while in the presence of a individual whose role is to supervise the interactions. This specific program is geared towards parents and children ages 2-10.

How is Parent-Focused Supervised Visitation different from supervised visitation?

No parent wants to have their time with their child to always be supervised. In my years of experience in working with divorced and separated families through the court system, there were two primary reasons as to why supervised visitation was recommended:

1. There is a need to establish an attachment between a parent and child as the parent and child have had little to no contact prior.

2. A parent needed support to develop the healthy parenting skills to meet the mental, emotional,and physical needs of their child.

Typical supervised visitation only provides a person to monitor a parent and child interaction, no feedback is given and no skills are taught. Parent-Focused Supervised Visitation is a service that provides for supported parent-child interaction, psycho-education to the parent prior to visits, and feedback and processing after visits with the parent as well. The goals are to establish a healthy parent-child relationship and to support a parent to develop the skills needed to parent independently. In other words, the goal is to no longer need supervised visitation.

What model is used in Parent-Focused Supervised Visitation?

Child Parent Relationship Therapy. Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a model of filial therapy founded upon the child-centered play therapy philosophy. It is an evidence-based parent-training intervention established by Gary Landreth. This unique approach involves parents by teaching them how to use play process oriented approaches in order to facilitate the creation of a relational conduit between the parent and child.

What does a typical session look like?

The parent arrives for a 30 minute psycho-education therapy session, followed by a 45 minute CPRT session with their child, then a 15 minute therapy session for processing and feedback. Again, this is typical session. Modifications can be made to best suit the needs of you and your family.

How long does the overall program last?

12 weeks

At the end of the program, do I no longer have to have supervised visits?

While the goal of the program is that a parent no longer needs supervised visits, it is up to the courts as to whether or not to grant this. All parents completing the 12 week program will receive a comprehensive report to detail their progress which can be shared with their attorney and/or the courts.

Can this be covered by my insurance?

Yes, if you have mental health coverage. Any cost not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the client. Please note, the parent is considered the client in this program and therefor the parent’s insurance is used, not the child’s. This also ensures that all clinical records belong to the parent and are protected by HIPAA privacy practices.

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