Teen Therapy

A parent’s toughest job is to set aside set aside what they dreamed their child would be so their child has room to become the best version of themselves.

The teenage years are often the most difficult years of  a person’s life.  Likewise, raising a teenager is  one of the most difficult things for a parent to do.  As a teen, the natural way is to individuate from your family and begin following your own path.  As a parent it’s difficult to let go of the control you once had over your child’s safety and well being.  This push and pull can cause a tremendous amount of strain on the family.  My job is to help teens find their way through these difficult years while fostering healthy, strong, and lasting relationships within the family.

My office is a tech friendly environment where teens can feel at home. The intent is to create a safe space for teens to feel comfortable and eventually express themselves fully. Devices such as phones are allowed and used in thoughtful and therapeutic ways including discussions around internet citizenship, social media, game themes, violence, sexuality, sexism, etc.

  • Therapy for ages 10 and up

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